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Welcome to the Nourish recipes and resources (including the 4-phase Nourish Program and customizable grocery list), along with fitness resources such as Rebecca’s Core Quickies program – no equipment needed!

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Plant-Strong SpaghettiBy Rebecca GarlandWe're all plant-based with this high-protein, low-fat nutritional spaghetti-squash power-meal. Cook the spaghetti squash in advance to whip this vegan delight up in no time, any night of the week!
Pumpkin-Cranberry GranolaBy Rebecca GarlandThis pumpkin recipe was inspired by Looneyspoon authors, Janet and Greta Podleski, and is filled with healthy warming foods & spices. As it is both nutrient and calorie dense, it's a perfect pre-exercise meal or snack.
Nutty Dark Chocolate BarkBy Rebecca GarlandIs chocolate a health food? Yes, yes, it is! Especially when combined with the below power food ingredients.
Raspberry DelightBy Rebecca GarlandSo thick, smooth and creamy you'd think it were a real milkshake!
Sparkling EggnogBy Rebecca GarlandTis' the season to be merry! This eggnog recipe is fast, easy and delicious. Although not a low calorie-drink, it is much lower than the regular version. Bubbly, light and tasty, it's a great holiday thirst-quencher... think creamsicle float with a dash of spice!
Spaghetti Squash BakeBy Rebecca GarlandThis recipe usually provides two casseroles, so is perfect for an evening with company or for freezing. Delicious and satisfying, this meal hits the spot for the whole family. Contributed by Susan Bayly.
Simple Black Bean SalsaBy Rebecca GarlandThis appetizer was inspired by Terri’s visit to El Coco Loco Resort in Nicaragua, where they were served black bean salsa with homemade corn tortilla chips. A low-calorie, simple and delicious appetizer she immediately attempted to re-create it, and voila, now you can too! Contributed by Terri Champagne, Fitness Instructor.
Baked Yam FriesBy Rebecca GarlandBaked yam fries are one of my favourite snacks, and are so quick and easy to make, and if you have an air-fryer, get ready for the healthiest fries you'll ever have. Enjoy as a side dish, snack, or tasty addition to any salad. Contributed by Hannah Elias.
Kale ChipsBy Rebecca GarlandKale chips are often raved about by health-conscious foodies. Serve as a snack, an appetizer or as an after-dinner munchy, but make sure to pack a tooth pick to avoid a green smile! Contributed by Stephanie Johner.
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